Creative Art Direction at Portent

Portent Team Jul 7 2011

Around 4PM on a Friday afternoon, Tracy called a meeting in his office to discuss the Portent rebrand. I had been given the privilege of creating art for the category pages of our new site, but no one had mentioned what the art should be, except for Elizabeth who wanted PPC to be represented by a robot projectile vomiting money.
Portent PPC Bot
This was eventually overruled by a nearly unanimous vote for an octopus.

We spent a good ten minutes going through each page and discussing what the art should be in a vague, Friday afternoon sort of way, which mostly just meant that ten minutes later I still had no idea what to do.

In a desperate attempt to get me out of his office, Tracy went over the pages again to try and make things clearer, and he ended up saying this to me:

Tracy's Art Direction

So I drew a dinosaur.

Portent copywriting dinosaur:
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  1. Dadgummit, yuh done the right thang!! : )

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