Facebook Open Graph: I try a Like button

Ian Lurie Apr 21 2010

So, with Facebook’s big Open Graph announcement, I decided to create a ‘Like’ button. This likes my whole blog. So, if you like my blog, show it! Click the button:

I’ll be writing a bit about Open Graph and why I think it’s important, too.

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  1. rexolio


    I guess I understand the overall concept of the “like” button from Facebook. I just don’t think they rolled it out that well. Some of the previous “Become a fan” links/widgets from FB that people had on their site now just say “Like” and have a number next to it. It’s a little out of context and doesn’t make much sense for the smaller guys who aren’t paying attention. Maybe it’s a small issue. I like the idea overall, just think it should have been a new widget / new idea instead of changing the “fan” concept.

  2. Ian


    @rexolio I think the bigger implications are for apps and app developers. But the ‘Like’ button, in the right context, could be powerful. A lot of my clients are publications – if they can tie their publications in to Facebook’s huge audience, they can get in front of a lot more people.

  3. Dan J

    Dan J

    FYI, the Like button doesn’t work via RSS in my newsreader. No biggie, i just opened the link in FF and clicked it :-D

  4. bortokali


    I tend to agree with rexolio, it seems they rushed into rolling it out, I understand the concept,is to get more people share/like more content outside FB on FB, but I think it could have been done better, for example that is how it looks on my page on FB when I clicked “like” on this blog (Ahmed likes Conversation Marketing on Conversation Marketing.)
    What I like about it, that it gives FB users some exposure on other site as well.I do like having my name & photo on conversation marketing!

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