Facebook Advertising Sucks (for me, anyway)

Ian Lurie Nov 27 2007

I’ve been running test campaigns in Facebook, using their pay per click platform.
All I can say is, bleah.
I drove 1000 clicks. I tested 4 different ads, all of which saw a clickthru rate of .09%. I spent $140.
The site’s overall conversation rate is 2%. Conversion from paid search ads is over 4%.
Facebook conversion rate? 0%
From those 1000 clicks, I got zero sales. Zero. Nada. Nothing.
Thanks guys. I’ll stick with search ads for now…

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  1. I apologize, in advance, to your $140 for this. I’m glad you guinea-pigged that for all of us.
    Is it just as bad as leaving myspace.com on your Content Network AdWords Campaigns?
    (Nah, nothing could be that bad.)

  2. Ian


    Definitely not THAT bad.
    And one very important caveat here – I do think that Facebook ads are a great integrated branding tool. They’ll build awareness of an organization very effectively.
    But so far I’m not seeing much to like as far as conversions…

  3. Bob


    Yeah, I tried them. Had no results. I wouldn’t even try them!

  4. I just think people who are moving and operating in a community doesn’t look for solutions, they just want to hang out with other ‘same minded’ people so they definitely don’t want to see any ads appearing there.
    Same here, no results with facebook..just lost some $$$ 

  5. It’s hard to say. I’ve been using Facebook ads to publicize giveaways and other promotions for our grad school. I think it generates WOM.

  6. Ian


    Hi Scott,
    I agree – it IS good for word of mouth. But it’s not good for selling. Anything.
    Plus, if the targeting I see in my account is any indication, you’re better off throwing leaflets from an airplane.

  7. Chris Furniss

    Chris Furniss

    Ian – know where I could hire a good pilot?

  8. I think the main problem is that most folks aren’t in a shopping mindset when they’re on social networking sites. They’re either in a reconnecting with friends mode or in a voyeuristically browsing mode. It’s not that I don’t notice the ads on facebook or that they’re not interesting, I just don’t feel like buying something.

  9. It probably depends on the market your targeting, but I’ve seen similar results. It’s not worth the effort and money.

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