And So Are the Days of Our Tukwila Lives…


Today, Portent is moving to the Smith Tower. But before we can say hello to downtown Seattle, we have to say goodbye to Tukwila Life.

If you’re unfamiliar with the phrase “That’s Tukwila Life” – it’s the motto of the city of Tukwila, where Portent has made it’s home for the last ten years or so. It’s also the phrase used by Portent employees to explain an event or circumstance that can only be summarized as being “Tukwila Life.”

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m a south of Seattle gal at heart. My sister works two blocks away, my first job was at the Ross down the street from the mall and I went to high school not more than five miles from where we are currently. However, Tukwila isn’t known for it’s overwhelming impressiveness, nor was our office park. It’s known for it’s affordability. And in 2008, I think a lot of companies, including us, found being here a really good thing.

So please join me on a trip down memory lane, where Portent, Inc. says goodbye to the city of Tukwila and heads off for new adventures at Smith Tower. These are our Tukwila Life memories, scrapbook style…

Random owl sighting in the parking lot

Large office park parking lots means lots of play foursquare. BEFORE it was an app.


New toilets means that the old ones have to go somewhere.
tukwila life pics

Dam upstream threatens to break, flooding miles upon miles down the Green River. Sandbags put in. Covering miles of a wonderful trail. Dam fixed. No flooding. No money to remove sandbags. Sandbags stay, slowly being overtaken by plant life.



Then it really did flood. But inside. Got to work from home for several days!



Aviva doing her best to save the few boxes of paper files in the office.

Fishing hut! Across the river from the office park. I do not recommend eating any fish out of this river, though on any random day there IS a guy with a fishing pole standing in it.


Kids steal car. Kids run from cops. Kid jumps in river. Office park filled with cops. Barnaby’s sees the most action it’s ever had.


Moustache March isn’t for everyone.

If you’ve never handed out candy on Halloween to random cars in a hot dog costume…you’re missing out.


Being close to the airport means you can leave your car here. It does not mean it’s safe from bored employees on a snow day.

full side

We have a Coldstone Creamery. You can by no means walk to it and back in a reasonable amount of time. Let alone in August before an ice cream cake melts. (Yes, someone tested this.)


If you’ve ever wanted to set up a blender, a video camera and add a tungsten ring to said blender in front of a sandbag wall in a parking lot…we know a place you can go.

The Parthenon in Kit Kat form. We rented out the office space across the parking lot just for this.


Tukwila has one of possibly every chain restaurant in the Pacific Northwest. This includes The Sizzler. It also includes dance off competitions between mattress retailers and the Pita Pit.


We also have a trifecta of healthy eating within walking distance.
If you’ve never done casino lunch you should. We’ve got at least six to choose from!
Sometimes you have to bring the casino to yourself though.
We also have lingerie baristas. The sign on their hut said no photos. Sorry.

I’ve take the epic bus journey from North Seattle exactly three times in six years. This happened on time #2. Leading me to believe that it must happen a lot at my bus stop. At least 33% of the time.


If you’ve never been cut off at a bowling alley before, Acme Bowl is very nice about it. No pictures of this one though. It was too dark in the parking lot. Please enjoy this picture of a no parking fire zone being observed instead.


We didn’t get broken into. Upstairs did. We just don’t have any pictures for the time we got broken into.


Being this close to IKEA means you not only get to build your own desk, but go buy it, pick it up and deliver it to the office.


Does a pumpkin float? Yes.
pumpkins floating
Red Robin birthday! Sang the song, clapped along and regretted nothing!
I said wear swim trunks and a wool hat. I didn’t say don’t wear a shirt.
Some days there are just no explanations.
We used to have brown and red walls with binary.



Then we stopped being colorblind. Or became. One of the two.



(Turns out Smith Tower isn’t keen on not-so-housebroken 9 week old puppies.)


I’ve been collecting photos of Tukwila Life for six years now and I finally got to use them! We’ll miss lots of things about Tukwila. Target. Free parking. Running across Strander Blvd through four lanes of traffic because there’s no crosswalk. 7-11. Bringing pets to work. Giving directions to building A. Squirrels, bunnies and blackberry picking. The dark side.

However, I’m sure adjacency to Pioneer Square, two sports stadiums (maybe three?), a pub in stumbling distance and public transportation holds many, many, many, more stories.

Farewell, Tukwila Life. You served us well.

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  1. These are great! Thanks for the window into “Tukwila Life!”
    I’m sure you will find more than one pub within stumbling distance of the Smith Tower. Do they have some kind of no pets policy there? So sad! You’ll have to bribe an elevator operator to look the other way.
    Speaking of bribes – don’t forget that the SODO Deli will deliver to you guys now most any day. You’re officially outside the delivery area, but we make an exception for the Smith Tower because my great grandpa put in the tulip windows at the top in 1913!

  2. Fell down a rabbit hole, wound up here and I’m sending this link to everyone I love. Having escaped SoKingCo last year, I laughed my a** off! Hoping this goes viral…will do my part to help.

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