Feedburner Down: No One’s Perfect

Ian Lurie Oct 18 2007

Feedburner is dead at the moment:

Feedburner Down

Somewhere, someone is running around screaming at the development team while they mutter curses at the gods that spawned them.

I’m OK with this kind of thing. It makes me feel better to realize my company isn’t the only one who has days like this…

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  1. Adam Taylor

    Adam Taylor

    Lol that is pretty bad though! How long were they down?

  2. Mike


    Having spent yesterday building 404 and 500 Error pages for a site, I think the funniest part here is that Feedburner – massive as they may be – spat up two ugly lines of code at you instead of a clean, static “sorry for the problem” page. Way to go there, geniuses!

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