Filtering isn’t enough: Why your social media strategy failed

Ian Lurie Nov 26 2009

lens filtersFiltering isn’t enough. 99% of social media users don’t get it, though, so their attempts at outreach fail.
Filters are passive. Some stuff passes through. Some stuff doesn’t. But a filter doesn’t add anything.
Most bloggers grab lots of links, post ’em up on the page and leave it be. Or they write something like “This is a great post!”.
Commenters do the same thing. So do most Twitterers.
And tools like StumbleUpon, much as I love them, can encourage us to do the same thing. Click. Stumble. Bookmark. Move on.
That turns 90% of blog posts, bookmarked content and Twitter traffic into near-useless duplication.

Avoid being a filter, get more attention

Want to get real attention? Add something to the conversation (that’s why I called it Conversation Marketing way back when).

  • If you bookmark, write why you bookmarked it.
  • If you write a list of links, add why each link deserved to be part of the list.
  • If you like a blog post, don’t just copy it to your site. Copy a snippet, then write why you agree, and/or why you disagree.
  • Think: If you could, what would you ask the author of whatever you just read/watched/heard? Write that down.

And, to make you truly thankful, I’ll stop there. Have a great Thanksgiving!

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  1. I think that content of your comments, bookmarks, and tweets speaks volumes about your expertise.
    Sharing your knowledge and feedback will establish you as an expert in your field.
    Always make your content stellar.
    Cheers – Kathleen

  2. What specifically do you mean by “filtering?”
    Do you mean the act of reposting the things you liked for people who are following you to read?

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