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Ian Lurie Oct 31 2008

Every now and then I let folks know the various places you can follow or connect with me online. I’m working on consolidating a bit, so here are the current online places I hang out:
Follow/connect and I’ll follow back. I’m always up for a good conversation.

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  1. Kim


    Hi Ian. Two questions: 1. Do you allow strangers to join your LinkedIn network? and 2. Would you be so kind as to recommend a LinkedIn marketing group that would work best for a relative newbie? I just discovered your blog and am an instant fan!

  2. Stumbling across you and your blog for the first time, I agree that it’s important to alert your readers about other ways they can connect with you.
    As I write this comment, though, on a blog about conversation marketing, why is there no standard option below for me to subscribe by email to follow-up comments? Else, how will I know if you or someone else posts a subsequent comment and one I may want to converse on?

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