Firefox Goes for Record, Crashes Instead

Ian Lurie Jun 17 2008

Firefox wanted to break the world record for downloads with their new Firefox 3 browser. Neat!
I signed up for ‘Firefox Download Day’, which is today.
I go to their site and see this:
Can you give me a D’OH!
My piece of internet marketing wisdom for today: If you want to try to break a download record, be sure you have the bandwidth and servers to handle it.
Oh, and you might want to test, too.
Update: 2 PM PDT – I just downloaded Firefox 3. It’s dang nifty so far. Although it did disable just about all of my plugins…

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  1. Joseph


    they should have known. Do you like flock?

  2. Ian


    @Joseph Yup love Flock. It’s my primary browser.

  3. Matt


    I love Flock, i really need to move to it at home, its my primary browser at work.

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