Flock. Rocks.

Ian Lurie Nov 6 2007

I’m playing with Flock, the social browser based on Mozilla Firefox. It’s dang nifty. You can post to your blog straight from the browser, click-and-drag bookmarks and media from Flickr to a clipboard (or to a blog post), and keep an eye on Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, de.licio.us all at once.
This is also a test post. If it worked, then I’m that much happier.

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  1. Chris


    Every once in a while there comes a tool that makes you wonder how you ever managed to live without it. This is Flock 1.0.

  2. Matt


    Cool idea, I shall pursue this once I get home from ye ‘ole grind.

  3. And bang! there goes another hour – installing and setting up and playing with flock 1.0
    I have used it in the past but gave up as it didn’t save tabs on closing – but as I don’t have to actually close the browser anymore since I’m using Leopard I may give it another chance…
    I like the idea of blogging there instead of qumana

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