Free web site review contest: The winners

Ian Lurie Oct 21 2009

The submissions are in, the judges (well, judge) has decided. The winners of a free 10Things web site review are:

I’ll contact each of you no later than Tuesday to set up a time for your review.
Everyone submitted cool stuff – thank you all for participating. I’ll be sending everyone else a little something via e-mail in the next few days.
Thanks again – this was fun, which means I might do it again, or just check too see if I’m overdosing on my medication again…

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  1. Travis


    I can’t tell you how many times that book has come in handy!
    Thanks Ian.
    This is better than the time I won that free month membership to Gold’s Gym…because this is something I can actually use…

  2. (gasp!) Yay! Thank you Ian. Although, I have to admit I was checking your blog every day like a high-schooler on facebook.

  3. Travis


    Congrats Laurence!
    I too was refreshing my Google Reader every 10 minutes to see the results.
    I just reread the “rules” of the contest, and I should have been disqualified because I broke “wait patiently” rule numerous times…
    Suffice it to say, we are honored and excited.

  4. Alex


    That’s great, look forward to hearing from you!
    By the way, the site I’d like you to review isn’t my personal one, it’s the one I made live this weekend –
    Oh yeah, if you think the way I spell ‘favourite’ is wierd, you should see how I spell ‘colour’ :)

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