Generic link-building post designed to piss people off

Ian Lurie Mar 7 2011

SEO is dead for [insert industry here].

It’s all [choose one: Black Hat SEOs, Google, Bing, gremlins]’s fault.

All SEOs are liars, so don’t listen to what they say.

Don’t bother arguing, because I’m a(n) [choose one: expert, guru, god, jedi] of [choose one: business, marketing, internet marketing, SEO, spouting manure].

This post inspired by an article I just read. I will not link to it. Or even mention the title. I don’t mind these arguments. That’s why I rarely weigh in. But if you’re going to make broad, sweeping claims about a marketing strategy, do your damned research. Don’t rely on 2 lousy case studies and one search result.

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  1. Meredith


    Annoying, but not nearly as crazy annoying as these “Be authentic” posts floating around the biz/marketing blogosphere.

  2. Ross


    People don’t even have the curtosy to step back and think that just because strategies are not working for them doesn’t mean it isn’t working for the rest of us! But too right, blame it on the gremlinks :)

  3. You should be able to get a quick measurement of how an industry is doing by their average salaries. I saw a study a few weeks back indicating that SEO-related average salaries increased from 09-10.
    SEO isn’t dead until bosses and clients stop writing the paychecks.

  4. Hahaha – I’ve been loving all these “SEO is Dead!” and “Article Marketing is Dead!” posts lately. I hope more people read them and get the h*** out of the market so that there’s more opportunity for me :)

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