Gone to the Dark Side

Ian Lurie Oct 9 2007

If you go to read my book online, now, you’ll see adver… adv… advert…

I can’t say it.

I’ve kept ads off my site, for the most part, for years. But I’ve finally added a leaderboard ad unit to the online version of my book.

Frankly, I gotta make this sucker pay, just a little bit.

No pressure, but if I earn some money off the current ads, I won’t have to add them elsewhere on the site.

cough cough

tags : conversation marketing


  1. Fraser


    You’ve not gone to the dark side, you are experimenting with advertising around valuable content on your own site so that customers and prospects can learn from your experience :)
    ps: didn’t think the ad I saw was too relevant though – UK property advert on a marketing website !

  2. ian


    Thanks Fraser. I’m trying to tweak the ads a bit for better relevance…

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