Google Errs: End Times Upon Us

Ian Lurie Jan 31 2009

Early this morning, if you went to do a search on Google, every listing had a link that read “This site may harm your computer.”
Apparently, the entire internet was infected. Or, if you have a shred of common sense, like one of my clients who e-mailed me, you immediately realized there was a glitch in Google’s Matrix. They fixed it a few minutes later.
This has resulted in 3569 (well, 3570) blog posts on the subject. So far. In about 2 hours.
People. It’s Saturday morning. Get. A. Life.

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  1. Richard


    It was for a lot longer than ‘a few minutes’ where I was. This is a huge mistake and Google seem to be making more of them. Every week Google tells me my search looks like a virus so I need to type words printed out in an image. My Google personal page regularly mistakes my home computer as a mobile phone and so I get the mobile version. And I won’t go into how their Google broad matching software works!! …. it looks to me as if no one is testing their software anymore.

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