Google ‘guru’ lives up to its name, is pretty dumb

Ian Lurie Mar 30 2011

Quick update: If you type in ‘2*4’ it will actually do the math for you. However, typing in ‘pointless’ still returns no results.
I’ve long assumed that most folks who call themselves ‘gurus’ are pretty deficient in the guru-ness department.
Turns out, the same is true of automated chat bots. Google just launched Google Talk Guru in Google Labs. You’re supposed to be able to send it basic queries like ‘calculate 2 * 4’ or ‘define bicycle’.
I think they need to keep it in the lab for a while longer:

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  1. Steve


    I suppose even Watson was “of vacuous reply” at one point. Poor guy.

  2. garethjax


    I think you got it in the early morning when he was still sleepy. It’s now working for me, at least if you wanna talk with the google search engine :) if you use it with your cellphone, it’s like having a prototype of the hitchicker guide to the galaxy ;)
    eg: define aldebaran

  3. Tracy Beach


    I seem to remember you labeling many Portent employees “Gurus” at one time.

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