Google+ outlook, in a nutshell

Ian Lurie Jun 28 2011

I just tried to sign up for the Google+ notification list. This is what I got:

google plus

In case you didn’t know, Google+ is Google’s latest attempt to break into social media. Judging by the result, I think it’ll easily eclipse… Google Buzz.

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  1. Al


    Google Wave …HAHA

  2. The Google Webmaster team has had a bad day it seems… I tried going to (no www) earlier today, and it gave me a 404. Probably missing a redirect. Oh well, it’s a reminder that Google is human too :)

  3. Sky


    Yep, it’s not only there. I got about three 404 errors in Google help for +1 yesterday. Looks like they ain’t going well with this thing.
    Anyway: Can we make bets how soon the Google +1 button and Google+ social media shall collapse? My guess would be 6 months.

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