Ian Lurie Oct 12 2010

The best way to control a social media crisis is to own it. And really any pictures of me constitute a crisis, so I’m owning this one:
I hate – hate getting pictures taken. That’s why I use a little cartoon instead.

But I was starting to get some flack from certain people (you know who you are) about a hopelessly outdated photo. So I had Chris Bachmann – one of our developers and a super-talented photographer to boot – take a few shots.

I decided to just slap ’em up here and save myself the humiliation later. I removed the ones where my gut’s hanging out, or I look like E.T., or something’ stuck to my face:

Here’s my “I’m so professional shot”:

My normal pose during the day:

How I’ll look when I get arrested for driving my Prius backwards at 40 mph, just to see what happens:

And a dramatic pose Chris caught of me when I was unaware:

On the bright side, the photo I’ll likely use the most is on a green background, so I can put myself against all sorts of interesting situations:

And, of course, in an episode of MacGyver:

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  1. Tom


    Love the inclusion of the little Colonial Viper. (I’ve got one myself, plus a Raider to keep it company.)

  2. Truly, none of us could recall seeing such a mirthful countenance upon Ian’s face, unless you count the cackles of glee coming from his office during the Great Portent Starcraft Massacre of ’06, which we sadly never thought to record for posterity…

  3. True point about owning a social media crisis – although that’s the joy of it, in that it’s very hard to! The photos are great. Really awesome photography. I’m exactly the same and am not the keenest person when it comes to having my photo taken.

  4. Ian
    Your MacGyver photo is epic! Send that on the cover sheet of all your proposals.

  5. Babs


    Good to see you’ve had a hair cut since the cartoon ;-)

  6. Simon


    Ha – I had the same BSG image as my desktop for months. Hadnt thought of greenscreening myself over the top though!

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