How do I love thee? Let me count the ways…

Ian Lurie Feb 14 2008

Valentine’s Day is the greatest marketing scheme ever created.
As a marketer, I can respect that. So I used a Valentine’s Mad Libs creator my company developed to write one to my first professional love, internet marketing:

Dear Internet Marketing,
My love is like a hot red Google Logo. Your tibia is timelessly beautiful and makes me want to scream sing it to me one more time. When I first saw you at Prodigy my heart went bzzzzrrrrtttttt modem beeps. I cannot live without the knowledge of your SEO goodness coloring my life. I love you more than kit kats and would give up Starcraft forever just to hear you laugh like a naked mole rat‘s PPC PPC PPC.
Deepest Love,
the internet marketing geek
I created this Valentine’s Day mad lib at American Stationery, and you can too!
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