How I Keep In Touch

Ian Lurie Feb 28 2007

Contact methods
Brian asked me how I keep in touch with family and friends. An interesting question – I spend lots of time on this blog talking about how to keep in touch with customers, but I spend vastly more time chatting, calling or writing to friends and family.

Here’s what I use:

  1. Face to face contact. Imagine! Here in Seattle I prefer to just say ‘hi’ in person if I can. I also fly to the east coast 5-6 times/year, down to Los Angeles periodically, and drive up to Vancouver, BC. My kids frequently come with me on business trips to NY and Washington, DC, where I have family.
  2. The telephone.
  3. E-mail.
  4. Cards, notes and also little gifts from, etc..
  5. Flickr for photos.
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  1. Chris


    Ugh, face to face contact? That’s so analog.
    I absolutely loathe talking on the telephone, and I tend to be fairly shy in person, so instant messaging has been the primary source for people to contact me for quite some time. I am usually logged in to AIM on whatever computer is near me, and if there isn’t a computer near, I’ll log in on my cell phone. Next would be email, and then the forum on my website.
    If the internets ever went down for good, I’d be screwed!

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