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Huzzah! Workshop Series in Seattle

Wappow Search and Social Workshops are holding great beginner, intermediate and advanced courses this month! I know they’re great because both Ian and myself will be leading sessions! (Hey, you’ve got to brag modestly somewhere, right?)

Learn how to build your business and manage your brand online. 1 day of intense learning from search engine optimization (SEO), paid search marketing (PPC or SEM), and social media marketing (SMM) from some of the most respected professionals in the industry.

So if you’re looking for an introduction, building on your skills and networking with others in an audience driven style of presentation, than one of these sessions will be right for you!
Here are the sessions that Portent Interactive will be leading, be sure to check out the FULL AGENDA for more on analytics, social, SEO and link building.
Monday, July 12
What is Paid Search?
What is paid search marketing and how can your company benefit from it?
Keyword Research
Choosing the right keywords. How to use Google, Bing, and Yahoo! (and other tools) to select your key terms.
Setting up your campaigns
How to set up a campaign, organize your ad groups and writing your ads (guidelines and best practices)
Monday, July 19
Campaign Management
Daily and weekly maintenance of editing and managing your campaigns. What to look for, adjusting bids, determining winners, etc
Landing Pages
What is a landing page? Best practices when designing/developing your landing page, segmenting your audience to align with the appropriate landing page.
Monday, July 26
External Linking
Understand what makes a quality link and best practices in obtaining those links.
Blogging for SEO
Best practices when blogging. Determining internal or external blog software, how and when to link, engaging your audience while maintaining SEO.

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