I lose my fracking mind or: A new Python script

Ian Lurie Jul 5 2011

Total. Mind. Meltdown.

I’d do a brilliant insightful post today, I’m sure, except that today’s events, professional and media-related, combined with my concussing myself with a bicycle rack yesterday, have left me a gibbering idiot. Or brought out the gibbering idiocy that normally lies just beneath the surface. Or something.

So instead, here’s a little Python script I cooked up to handle the day:
python madness
I’m happy to post this to Git if you want it, but caution: There may be an endless loop in there. It certainly feels that way.

Don’t worry. Nothing really serious happened, except the whole bike rack to the head thing. The rest is just icing, which I’ll keep to myself to protect the innocent, at least until they aggravate me to the point where they’re no longer innocent.

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  1. When I first read the title, I thought you were referring to Python as in Monty and that you had written a new movie script for John Cleese and the group. Concussing yourself with a bicycle rack may not make for a bad skit. You should consider it.

  2. Ian


    @LJ All we need is someone stepping onscreen and saying “Pretty violent for a Peckinpah, hmmmm?…”

  3. Edwin


    More posts like this I say! We’re not all obsessed with marketing y’know. Plus I got to learn a bit of Pyton.. ;)

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