I’m sorry, what?

Ian Lurie Dec 15 2011

Perfect english, huh?

Perfect english, huh?

I just can’t make this one any more bizarre. Maybe they’re hiring someone to write their social media help wanted posts.

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  1. Erica


    A “social media expert” working on night shifts??

  2. Ian Lurie


    Exactly. But speling skils r importent.

  3. I suppose that’s why “perfect English” is a critical requirement.

  4. Sarah


    Not to mention Costumer Service. Unless they’re looking for a social media expert for their costume company.

  5. Sharon


    You missed costumer service. This person is responsible for servicing the costumer???

    • Ian Lurie


      Gotta be. I feel bad for slamming someone who clearly is speaking English as a second language. BUT, they’re also clearly looking for people to help them spam the crap out of social networks.

  6. I see that you outsource part of your work to odesk as well…?

    • Ian Lurie


      I don’t actually, but I do keep an eye on it. I have a development project I need help on and am trying to learn to get a good team.

  7. Don’t forget working with “less or no supervision.” Grammar is so overrated.

  8. Kris


    “If you think you got what it takes…”

    Yep, I got what it takes last week. For an awesome deal, too!

  9. Well, at least they have good “costumer service.”

  10. Chris


    me want work 4 them. job sound good.

  11. Meg


    Hmm… I’d go along with the indignation, but that looks more like a typo than a spelling error — and I know a lot of very educated, very articulate people (great writers, even!) who have missed typos in documents and posts, either from distraction, overfamiliarity with the text (so you’re blind to errors) or autocorrect on an iPad, etc.

    It’s funny, but it doesn’t mean they’re stupid. And if they ARE stupid, all the more reason to hire someone who can spell. :)

    • Ian Lurie


      Exactly. I’d be every bit as quick to poke fun at myself, btw, if I did this.

  12. The best jobs are those that require good “grammer”. Those are definitely my favorites.

  13. Chris


    Well, in their defense they aren’t the ones with the perfect english, they want to hire someone with it. :)

  14. Ian,

    Thanks for making me laugh! How about bad grammar offshore seo guy:

    “I has like blogging, and always comment on other blogs to get links. I says things like, “your write good posts, I am book marketing this post for return.” These kinds comments get approval. SEO is really alot as surgery. I has got thousands of comment links with my softwares. PLease make business with me.

    I’m going to hire him next month do head up keyword research in 2012.

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