I’m A Newbie

Ian Lurie Sep 14 2007

SEO Newbie?!
I just took the SEOMoz SEO Quiz, and I must protest.

I mean, I could live with being ranked ‘average’, I guess. But a newbie?!!!! SEO for 8 years, and I’m a newbie. Argh!!!

Seriously guys, what’re you trying to do to me here?

Somehow, on #1, I said that the title tag is the least important place to put keywords, leaving the keywords tag unchecked. That has to indicate either that my brain suffered a major meltdown, or that the internets are against me.

I’m going to hope this score is based on the healthy doses of painkillers I’m taking at the moment for a back problem, and shuffle quietly into the corner, mumbling…

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  1. Linda


    I am delighted to inform you that, as your client, I did get a lower score. I am a novice at 40%. Before I met up with Portent Interactive and became a client, I am sure I would have been less than 20%.
    I am willing to ascribe your 4% below ‘professional status’ to the pain meds…no problem!

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