I’m In DMNews: Multivariate Testing Article (And a complaint)

Ian Lurie Jun 20 2008

An article I wrote about multivariate testing in PPC campaigns just got published in DMNews’ Search Marketing Guide [pdf].
You can read it in PDF here:

Stuck in the Dark Ages

So then someone from DMNews calls me, asking how I’ll take advantage of getting published.
I told her I’d like to put an image of the page up on my blog and company site with a link back to DMNews. I told her I’d capture the whole page, so DMNews would get exposure.
She said no, and that I’d have to pay $1100 to get the right to repost and resend it.
Bwah? So, you want to charge me to put a link to your site on my blog and put your logo in front of everyone?
All this does is give me incentive to not write for DMNews. I’d get more readers if the article got a Sphinn anyway.
Thanks guys.

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  1. That’s deplorable (the dark ages part, not the exciting publication part). As someone with no prior exposure to DMNews, my takeaway is that they must be faking it if they claim to know how this whole interwebs thing works. Sounds a lot like the recent Associated Press hullabaloo.

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