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Ian Lurie Feb 21 2007

I’m starting to keep a list of tools I’ve found or built. If you think I need to add one, just post a comment.

SEO Related‘s tool collection
301 Redirect Manager (by Conversation Marketing & Portent)


What’s a Click Worth (by Conversation Marketing & Portent)
Google Analytics
Google Trends
The Square Root Rule, Explained

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  1. – Google Blogsearch
    – Technorati

  2. Rhys

    Rhys could be useful, and Crazyegg is great for clients who demand visuals.

  3. Another great SEO resource is Link Exchange:
    I have found that tracking our PageRank from Google has been very helpful too. You can get your Page Rank simply by downloading the Google tool bar. Once you are tracking your page rank, you can check your in-links by searching Google and Yahoo like this: “” — just insert your URL there.
    For more Google hacks, check out:

  4. Can also give Keywordspy a try. is a Keyword Research Tool that helps identify what keywords competitors use, with results actually reflecting what advertisers are using at the current time. –

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