Interview on Search Engine Journal

Ian Lurie Jan 15 2010

Todd Mintz interviewed me for Search Engine Journal. The interview includes nuggets like:
“when I meet them I get an immediate desire to hit them with a chair. It’s some kind of superpower, I guess.”
“It all comes together eventually. I hope. Cough.”
Great reading if you want heckling material for when I speak at SEMPDX Searchfest.
Read the interview here.
You can follow Todd Mintz on Twitter at ToddMintz. Recommended reading!

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  1. Hi Ian – Great interview. Besides enjoying your style and tone, I really appreciated the advice you give. I particularly agree with the point about practicing writing and learning to do it well. It’s a mistake I see all too many people make.
    The one thing I kind of surprised me is the statement “Why someone would resist making a simple strategic or tactical change that would make them more money, or get them more votes, is beyond me.” I feel like this is a common reaction in people, across the board – not just marketing. But I think it’s the job of the marketer to fix this, to get over this hurdle and have the client expose the best of themselves.
    And as a marketer, you’re best positioned to affect this change. I think being in the business of influencing people has to include influencing your clients, your boss, coworkers, etc.

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