A Kerfuffle!!!!!

Ian Lurie Feb 27 2009

My post this week about social media appears to have, er, riled a few folk. Not my intent, but I figured I’d roll with it.
Here’s a list of the posts/comments about my post, as well as my panel discussion regarding social media at the NWEN:

Further bulletins as events warrant.

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  1. Matt


    Lol, some people take things too seriously! I really read it as a tongue in cheek prodding, not some evil hearted bash at legitimate SM people..

  2. Ian


    @Matt C’mon, you know me. I’m a deadly-serious guy. Guns at dawn.

  3. diane


    Matt, I’m with you. Some people need to, er, lighten up a bit.

  4. Harry


    I wouldn’t say I was riled up, but it was a rare instance when I disagreed with you. I think in this case, I have to agree with the counterpoints made in the “Ian Lurie Says He Hates Social Media” article.

  5. Ian


    @Harry Except he misread my article. I didn’t say I hate social media. I said I don’t like the way the phrase (not the concept) is thrown around…

  6. I wasn’t ruffled, just in heavy disagreement.
    Matt & Diane
    I’m okay with taking things more seriously on this issue: simply because as presenters and public figures within the world of SM, there are a lot of responsibilities to consider.
    Readers here are different in education level from those elsewhere. They have inherent viewpoints that keep them outside of the online echo-chamber and knowledge.
    Within our own chamber there are many conversations to consider. Within the chamber of the standard business person there is typically a lack of conversation about SM: there is only a voice.
    When Ian, myself, or anyone else stands in front of a crowd and presents an expert statement- we do so as singular entities that often have powerful impacts within the audience.
    +I usually leave errors on my site (yeah, scary)- you can check out my article “Robots vs Humans vs Grammarians = I>U Syndrome”

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