Kicking a bully's ass

Ian Lurie

Update: Thanks everyone for responding. Talk about too much of a good thing. I’ve got almost 100 people so far who are helping out. Please be patient if i don’t get to you for a bit.
Today I get to rant, and you get to listen. You’re going to help me kick a bully’s ass.
There’s a site out there called Jew Watch. I will not link to it. The author is James Stenzel, an alleged white supremacist. Jimmy – may I call you Jimmy? – refers to the site as “This Scholarly Library of Facts about Domestic & Worldwide Zionist Criminality”.
It talks about how all us jews apparently control the government in the US, have fomented revolution around the world and secretly pull the strings in our drive to dominate civilization, or some such.

By the way, Jimmy, if we really did have that kind of control, do you think I’d be flying coach cross-country for Thanksgiving? Well?! Do you!?!!! I THINK NOT.

Right now, this literary achievement ranks #2 for a Google search on ‘Jew’. I could wring my hands and complain about Google’s failure to remove the site, but truth is, a site’s a site. Plus, we don’t need Google’s help to make JewWatch disappear, do we?
Jimmy is a bully. His web site is where he bullies an entire ethnicity. My ethnicity. So, I want to kick his ass. You can help me do that by ensuring his site never again ranks in the top 10 (or 20) for ‘jew’. I’ve got a strategy – I just need your help.
If you’re interested, contact me. You know how: Leave a comment, send me a note on Twitter, an e-mail, or whatever.
If you’re not interested, read on anyway. If this guy wasn’t so dangerous, his web site would provide late night talk show material for the next 30 years.

Some gems from Jimmy

Stenzel’s site claims:

  • Jews started the NAACP. I’d be happy about that, but given the history of relations between jewish- and African-americans, it seems pretty unlikely, yes? Or are the occasional riots and Jesse Jackson calling NYC ‘Hymietown’ just a clever sham?
  • Jews secretly occupy and run the Vatican City. DAMMIT NOW THE SECRET’S OUT.
  • We apparently run Australia, too. Although I have it on good authority that you can’t find a decent brisket anywhere on the whole f–king continent.
  • We also run the World Bank AND the Federal Reserve. If so, where the hell is my Annual Member of the Tribe Check?!!!
  • Jews started the National Organization for Women. No. Comment.
  • The Allies lost WW II. Erm.
  • And, the American jewish community is the driving force behind the Museum of Sex. Which makes perfect sense, since the average jewish person is so repressed they can’t pick up a carrot without blushing.

Stop the stupid

Aaaanyway… Even if you don’t care about hate speech and bullying, you must care about stupidity. We have a stupidity surplus in America right now. I suggest that we begin spending that surplus by burying Jew Watch so far down in the search engine ranking pages James Stenzel starts writing about Google’s part in the worldwide zionist conspiracy.
You with me?

Ian Lurie

Ian Lurie is the founder of Portent. He's been a digital marketer since the days of AOL and Compuserve (25 years, if you're counting). Ian's recorded training for, writes regularly for the Portent Blog and has been published on AllThingsD, Smashing Magazine, and TechCrunch. Ian speaks at conferences around the world, including SearchLove, MozCon, Seattle Interactive Conference and ad:Tech. He has published several books about business and marketing: One Trick Ponies Get Shot, available on Kindle, The Web Marketing All-In-One Desk Reference for Dummies, and Conversation Marketing. Ian is now an independent consultant and continues to work with the Portent team- training the agency group on all things digital. You can find him at

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  1. Gimme.
    As a member of the Actual Master Race*, I get really irritated by people who don’t live up to our quality standards. Please permit me to participate in revoking his aryan membership.
    *Some of my ancestors came from Germany, but we’re talking before the Revolution and I have been mongrelized by having one ancestor from another branch who was on the Mayflower (and was one of the first criminals in the US along with the guy he got in a duel with). Any comments about me and the master race need to REALLY not be taken seriously. Y’know, just in case that actually needed to be said.

  2. Ian:
    Isn’t it constantly surprising that a) people write such hateful stuff and b) people read it and believe the unfactoids that these goofs publish?
    Great post.

  3. There is so much hate and stupidity on the internet and every where else. Do you really believe that there is a way to stop any of it? Web sites like that work because people are idiots and believe the crap they read, watch or hear.

  4. Count me in, Ian, as just another crazy WASP whose ancestors didn’t give their lives for the venom that ignorant bigots like Jimmy try to infect our society with.
    Like most bullies, Jimmy is undoubtedly a scared little boy who is…compensating.
    But every bully needs to get their ass kicked.
    Burke’s famous statement that, “All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing” is as true now as ever.
    I will be honored to help–just say the word.

  5. Wow. If there’s one thing I’m tired of, it’s Black, Catholic Jews who curate at the Museum of Sex. That’s the root of all of my problems right there.
    Actually, I liked the Museum of Sex.
    Seriously, happy to help, although I haven’t found that engaging people like this usually goes anywhere. One side effect of the internet is that it’s exposing a lot of dark corners that were previously hidden. In a way, though, that’s good – you can’t shine a light into a dark corner if you don’t know it’s there.
    Or, less poetically, to paraphrase Ted Nugent – “Without freedom of speech, how would we know who the assholes are?”

  6. Wow. So here are some greetings from germany. And as I can say i am really shocked, that there are still so many stupid persons in the world, that think just because of their race or religion they might be better than anybody else.
    I still struggle with prejudices that all germans are still ruled by the man who´s name i won´t write down here. and it really scares me, that racism is still such a big topic in the world.
    so if i can help you in any way to fight idiotism i surely will.
    greetings from the source of all evil 🙂

  7. This post is an example that Internet have some magical ability to reject total crap out of it. Wish you very best luck – if you still need any help please mail me to the address I left in comment field. 🙂
    “We have a stupidity surplus in America right now” – I’m afraid that it’s a world-wide problem in a 21st century ~_~
    “As a member of the Actual Master Race*, I get really irritated by people who don’t live up to our quality standards.” – hehehe, so…
    As a member of Actual Below-Standards Race*, I also get really irritated by people who don’t live up to our quality assurance checks
    *I’m from Poland, but even though such references make me laugh 🙂

  8. I never normally come off the RSS feed to comment, but your right, stupidity needs to be taken care of, and also that guy probably doesn’t know that it was said “Those who bless Israel (or the Jews) will be blessed and those that curse them will be cursed”
    Just thought I’d throw in my two cents.
    Let us know what to do to help.

  9. Hmmm. Wonder if that douchebag knows the origin of is Polish Jewish last name. G-d, I hope he’s not a cousin.

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