The Life of Pi Part Deux: What Does an Internet Marketing Firm Do? (In Vines)

Portent Team Mar 14 2013

Back in November, we detailed the (Real) Life of Pi from pre-dawn breakfasts at the train station to lights out. In honor of International Pi Day, we decided to pull back the curtain again so you can see how each department contributes to the Internet marketing expertise here at Portent.

Account Strategists

Account Strategists are often the most recognizable members of the Portent Team (and not just because of their great hair). If you’re a client, you’ll know that these are the people who call you on a regular basis. Behind the scenes, they are coordinating with other departments to make sure you have a cohesive strategy tailored to meet your goals.

Creative Services

The Creative Services department is responsible for everything from creating stunning visuals (of kittens) to coding and structuring your site to balance images and copy for maximum impact. Essentially, they add beauty and order to the world. Not bad for a day’s work.


Copywriters use words to weave magic. We pull heartstrings and convince people to do things. Between arguments about the Oxford comma, we edit our copy to perfection so customers fall in love with your brand and convert without ever noticing the spell we created.

We’re also the cool kids, and we’re not just saying that because we’re the ones writing this—when we were (collectively) Little Miss Nevada, our dads told us we had a sparkle.


The PPC team makes money. They evaluate your keywords and write the ads people click on. They monitor your analytics constantly in search of the lowest cost per acquisition. And then, they make you more money by bringing interested buyers to your site.


SEOs keep up on the latest algorithm updates so you don’t have to. They winnow down lists of targeted keywords. They consult with other departments to strategically place those words in copy and site structure so customers (and search engines) can easily find you. They know things about the Internet that would keep a normal person up at night.

Social Media

Did Facebook change Timeline again? The Social team keeps on top of all of the latest developments with Google+ (in case people ever start using it), Twitter, Pinterest, and platforms you haven’t even heard of yet. They create best practices guides and help keep you engaged with your community.

Who did we leave out?

You already know Ian Lurie. Portent also has a group of management-types who keep all of this running smoothly. They were off on top-secret missions during filming, but we’ll see if we can catch some stealth video of them next time.

What have you always wanted to know about Internet marketing?