Link Day, ‘Cause I’m Diseased

Ian Lurie May 21 2008

sickYes, it’s May, it’s 60 degrees and rainy out, and I now have a cold. Maybe winter just won’t leave Seattle this year.
As I’m feeling utterly lousy, I’ll take the easy route and link to some great stuff other people wrote in the last few days:
Tom Schmitz at my company wrote this great piece about competitive research in SEO.
Rand over at SEOMoz did a Whiteboard Friday video about blogging your way to higher search engine rankings. Yo, Rand – when are you going to do an audio podcast?!
Garr Reynolds of Presentation Zen fame wrote a great piece about avoiding Death By Powerpoint. A fate we’ve all suffered many times. Click here to read his article. Click through the slide presentation he has in the article and you’ll learn volumes.
Elizabeth Marsten at my company wrote a great tutorial on how to create a Google product feed. I’m not just shilling for my company, honest. These are great reading.
A List Apart writes about getting your client to actually deliver content on time. Nothing they suggest will ever work, but it’s a nice read and makes me feel better. Click here to read how marketing utopia would work.

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