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Ian Lurie Jun 13 2007

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  1. About the Advertising Age article, I’ve encountered this opinion many times, beginning when I was an undergrad in the 1980’s. It even came-up at last week’s SMX Advanced search marketing conference.
    I personally think the hardest part will be to match an industry-influential marketing company willing to make like Jerry McGuire with a client willing to step beyond comparing oranges, a client who is willing to say, “Today, instead, I will have this nice big juicy pineapple.” If that was not difficult enough, the process will have to be copyable and repeatable. That’s a pretty big hedgerow to leap your horse over.
    I’d like to see it. I am not holding my breath.
    A good discussion about better business compensation modeling is written in Million Dollar Consulting by Alan Weill. Though the focus is on the consulting industry I believe the perspectives and the challenges are the same.

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