4 exit strategies for marketing agency owners

Ian Lurie Jan 24 2011

I’m not a big ‘exit strategy’ kind of guy. I prefer to build a cool business that’s going to last, and keep at it. Hence my 16-year stint (thus far) at Portent. But there’s always someone asking me what my strategy is for getting out. So, here you go—created by the Portent-ites—4 exit strategies for marketing agency owners:

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Exit strategies for agency owners

Print it, hang it, make underwear out of it if you like. Just keep the copyright statement in place.

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  1. Emma


    The worst they would ever do is they would put you for a couple of months into a white-collar, minimum-security resort. You should be so lucky.

  2. Ian


    @Emma But that means no one would be able to call me, or e-mail me, or demand…
    Wait a minute.
    (Ian scampers off to start embezzling)

  3. Classic, Ian! I especially like the part about the guy who considers himself an expert after setting up a website (probably on blogger).
    Might I suggest: One day stop showing up for work, and it is weeks before anyone notices.

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