Marketing Fundamentals Lessons From First-Time Parenting

Jason Olson

In my time at Portent I’ve had the opportunity to work with and learn from some of the best and brightest in our industry, and most recently as a first-time parent. For this blog post I’ve decided to draw some lessons I’ve learned that are key to building a solid digital marketing strategy. The goal of this post is to give you a starting point as you begin to craft your strategy.

Providing Fundamental Necessities

As is true in most aspects of business, you must start with a strong foundation on which to build. You must provide the fundamental necessities of a website that loads quickly, free of page errors, easy to navigate and has proper tracking implemented. This seems like it should be a no-brainer, but sadly you’d be surprised at how many companies neglect to make sure that these fundamentals are all in place. (Including some very large marketing agencies, for shame…)

Giving Time and Attention

Building a solid digital marketing strategy takes time and careful attention to details. Simply put there are no cheap and quick short cuts to a solid and successful digital marketing strategy. You’re going to have to invest time and resources building and executing your strategy. If you don’t, you will never realize the full potential of your marketing and sales efforts.

Staying Consistent

Consistency is a key aspect to a solid digital marketing strategy. If one month you decide to pour a bunch of money into SEO, but then decide the next to cut it, you’re never going to realize the benefit. A solid digital marketing strategy pays dividends over the medium to long term. Bouncing back and forth in what you want to do will get you nowhere fast and end up losing you a lot of money (And frustrate the hell out of your marketing department/agency).

Studying Your Audience

In order to build a solid digital marketing strategy, you need to understand your audience. Far too often, businesses take the approach of dictating to their audience what they need, think, feel, etc.… This is a recipe for failure, if you want to have a successful strategy you need to take the time (and spend the resources) to study and learn what it is you target audience wants. You need to find out what questions are they asking, what needs do they have, what messages resonate with them, etc.… Once you understand your target audience, you can build a digital marketing strategy that will be far more successful.

Planning Ahead

In order to be successful in your marketing efforts, you must invest time and resources building a comprehensive long term strategy. You need to think about user experience and optimizing your site for organic search (SEO), your PPC campaign strategy, analytics tracking, your content strategy, your social media strategy. Are you going to build an in-house team to manage all of this, or are you going to outsource it to an agency? Are you going to do a mix of both? If so, how are you going to structure that relationship? (I’m just scratching the surface here) There are many things to think about, and if you want to be successful in your online presence and engagement with your target audience; then you need to think through all these aspects and build a plan.


The principles discussed here are just a starting point to building a solid digital marketing strategy; but they are a necessary foundation that can’t be ignored. Provide the fundamental necessities, invest your time and attention, stay consistent, study your audience, and comprehensively plan; and you’ll have a good start to achieving success in your digital marketing strategy.

Jason Olson

Jason Olson served as Portent's Operations Director, and is now a proud Portent alum.

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  1. Good blog you have shared and very informative. I am also mentioning few methods.
    First connect to the right audience to establish your identity. Second Build and manage the target audience in a unified space. Third Increase interaction through intelligent campaigns.

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