Marketing Foot-In-Mouth Syndrome: Dino Rossi Swallows Entire Leg

Ian Lurie Nov 6 2008

I’m sure Dino Rossi is sitting somewhere right now, wondering why he lost this election. After all, he was up against some dang tax-and-spend liberal.
It might have something to do with his marketing strategy. He used these signs quite a bit during the campaign:
Photo from Hal Mueller
It’s a clever message: Teach all those damned Seattle elitists a lesson. It might have worked in Wenatchee, or Spokane.
Problem is, he put them up in Seattle.
Yes, you read right. I’m a Seattle elitist myself. I passed one of these signs driving over the West Seattle Bridge today.
Rule number one in political marketing: Don’t insult your supporters, or your competitor’s. These signs were the equivalent of Rossi himself standing in downtown Seattle giving passersby the finger. They were not well-received. Cough.
So, Dino, next time around, hire a smarter campaign staff. Or a marketer or two. Or at least endeavor to not insult one of the biggest voting populations in your state.
Photo from Hal Mueller’s blog. Thanks!!!!!

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