Mashups are everywhere

Ian Lurie Jan 7 2010

Today’s post is more of an observation than anything else.
Now that I’m back on the bike, I’ve started training using videos from a clever company called Sufferfest Studios. Their videos are…
…hard to describe, unless you’re a cyclist. Basically, they’re training videos make you mash the pedals until you’re ready to vomit. I’m not going to try to explain the why of it right now.
The important lesson is this: As I was churning away on my bike, gasping for breath during yet another hard interval, it dawned on me: The Sufferfest videos are mashups!
Sufferfest Studios has mixed together race footage, sound effects, music and pithy quotes to create training material. Hence, a mashup.
Mashups aren’t just a web phenomenon. They’re everywhere.

Interesting implications

The idea that a mashup can only be a ‘web application hybrid‘ may be too limiting. I’d like to suggest that we expand ‘mashup’ to include media, as well as applications.
Never mind the semantics, though. This kind of content mixing has been around forever. What’s changed is our ability to create high-quality media mashups and then distribute them widely.
This could become another form of consumer content: Think of a YouTube for this kind of stuff. MashTube.

Maybe it needs a different name. A message mashup? A messup? See, that’s why I don’t make a living naming products.

OK, I’ll stop. It’s late, I’ve had little sleep and clearly I’m babbling. Just one action item for you: Look at your business and what you do. How can you mash up different content you’ve already created to help get your message out?

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  1. Hi Ian, just wanted to let you know that I love your hilarious and clever writing style! Google kicked me over here while looking for some strategic SEO advice and what I found was something much more useful! Keep on building it – and they will come.

  2. As a blogger and a remix artist/product, I’ve enjoyed watching remix culture (AKA a ‘mashup’ as you call it) spread throughout society. The web makes it possible for everyone to mash up all forms of media and be extremely creative without much technical knowledge.

  3. It’s funny that you would mention this, because I literally just saw this crazy music video mashup of the top 25 Billboard songs from 2009. It might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I thought it was interesting from the perspective of our changing attitudes towards content production and the remix culture.

  4. Mama


    I actually just began training with the Sufferfest Studios videos as well. My first session was BY FAR the most intense thing I’ve done in my life… I was about 10 seconds away from puking at some points. But after a few more sessions, I’ve started to condition my body to handle it. Highly recommended if you want to get into shape!

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