Monday, I could be dead: Marked for speedy deletion

Ian Lurie Aug 27 2010

It’s true.

As egos go, mine is a bit small, damp and non-resilient. So, when I search for my own name on the web, it’s mostly to see who’s writing mean things about me and making ready to defend myself.

Years ago, I set up a page on Wikipedia, so that someone I knew in 7th grade couldn’t come along and write about how, at that age, I looked like ET with a wig.
Imagine my surprise, then, to find out that I’d been marked for death speedy deletion:

Speedy deletion of Ian Lurie

Note that I check in on my Wikipedia account about once a year, so I didn’t see this until far too late. My page has already been deleted.

I never thought it would end like this…

What does Aaron Wall got that I don’t?

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  1. I guess you’re not as popular enough Ian, haha.
    I love your writing though, so much that I even subscribed to your newsfeed :) Got a lot to learn from you. Keep it up!

  2. Sally


    Hey Ian
    Ha ha I am so glad that you search your own name, I think I take it too far and actually have a google alert for my own name, sad but true.
    Seriously ET with a wig, I laughed so much I almost done myself an injury.
    Aaron Wall. oh I know him, not personally, his was the very first SEO guide I ever read, blast from the past.
    Sally :)

  3. Babs


    Perhaps we can go and add you again, Ian, or does it not work that way any more.
    And Sally – surely a Google alert for your own name is only sensible these days – you just never know when someone may want to have a crack at your reputation for whatever reason. Well, that’s my excuse ;-)

  4. At least your name is unique enough to be the one and only Ian Laurie. Search for me and you’ll find nothing but IMDB and Wikipedia for the star of such films as Dumb and Dumberer and Semi-Pro.
    If I had a wiki, you’d be in it, Ian.

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