Movable Type 4 Upgrade: An Epic Poem

Ian Lurie Nov 30 2007

I had written a detailed post about our experience upgrading to Movable Type 4. But in honor of Friday, and being extremely punchy, I wrote an epic poem, instead:

Lo, and we strode upon the battlefield,
armed with much XHTML smarts and wizardry,
confident in our knowledge and geniusness,
that victory was assured.
But as dawn spread her rosy fingers
across the plains of PHP and RSS,
SixApart documentation scoffed at our
arrogance, leaving the land soaked with our blood.
Thrown back in dismay,
We rallied around our leader.
Drawn by a chariot of MySQL he did
battle with comment management,
and the clash of their swords split the afternoon air.
But he fell, pierced by a thousand spears
of import errors and permissions.
We wept bitter tears, bearing his tattered corpse
back to our camp to regroup and visit more discussion forums.
As the sun set on the first day, we bound
our wounds and knew humility.
Our kung fu was in a funk.
The next day new heroes came to our aid.
We sang with joy as the wizard slew
the beast of DNS lookup, and for the first time
the enemy knew fear.
The sword of Zelda (TM, All rights reserved) threw down
broken comment forms and javascript.
We surged forward, and the enemy fell,
leaving behind comment authentication
and some really nifty spam management.
Dear reader, remember this tale
and carry it to your developers,
lest their pride suffer a similar fate upon
the pikes of Movable Type 4.
(Gimme a break, OK? It’s Friday)

tags : conversation marketing


  1. Any poem that starts with “Lo, and we strode upon the battlefield…” has my vote for best thing ever. The blatant Zelda reference was a stretch, but still awesome.
    MT is a glorious thing…
    …when the comments aren’t constantly breaking and the back end doesn’t want to be a snail publishing your articles.

  2. Fred


    A finer prose has not been spun
    of a familiar tale, you see
    for more oft than naught I have fought that war
    so I feel for your crew and thee…

  3. Cathy


    The kung fu is back!
    * More bug smashing power!
    * Improved attack speed!
    * NEW secret weapon you won’t find anywhere else!
    All this and more jam packed into your latest issue of “Conversation Marketing vs Slow Load and Mysterious Headers” edition!

  4. Linda Keith

    Linda Keith

    Wow…and mine is the first site you are launching using MT4. No wonder Chris and Mike seem a bit weary today.
    Have I said lately, I love our new website? Shall Kimberly and I bake some cookies and bring them over?

  5. Ian


    Actually, building a NEW site in MT4 isn’t that bad. It was the upgrades that killed us.
    But you can certainly bring us cookies :)

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