Movies Every Internet Marketer Should See


There are some films you can go your entire life without seeing. These are not those films. If you don’t know your A,B,S from your A,B,Cs, I am here to help. Many of these movies are available on the Netflix Instant Watch, so you can pump this steaming hot knowledge directly into your nucleus accumbens.


This is what the news people would call a “Fluff” Piece (if anyone read the news anymore. Haha, take that, Journalism), so take off your thinking helmet, and ride the water skiing squirrel into oblivion.


<h2 >Helvetica</h2>

Yes, it’s an entire movie about a font. If you are interested in graphic design and typography at all, you will enjoy this documentary. If not, you’ll probably want to burn down an American Apparel store by the end.


We Live In Public

We live in Public is the story of a delusional momma’s boy who thought he was cool enough to document his entire life on camera; Think of it as a cautionary tale on the dangers of overexposure and the hubris of the dot-com era. In other words, youtube is the fifth horseman of the apocalypse.


<h2 >Art & Copy

Ever wanted to know how “Where’s the beef?” came about? Art & Copy is the story of real life advertising superstars. Not like that Jon Hamm poser. Speaking of which:


Mad Men

Question: Why does Peggy Olson, an average looking woman, attract the attention of so many dapper young gentlemen?

  1. Her winning personality
  2. Her tenacious spirit
  3. Drinking in the office
  4. Women writers

<h2 >Glengarry Glen Ross

“You call yourself a salesman, you son of a b***?”
Worth it for the dialogue alone. The cut-downs roll off like sub-machine gun fire.


<h2 >Wall Street

Another classic about the cut-throat nature of business. Charlie Sheen doesn’t learn from his mistakes. And neither does America, apparently. This movie was made in 1987, and it should teach you to never do business with a guy named after a reptile. Gordon Gecko might as well have been named General Grievous or Admiral Bad Guy or something. Skip the sequel with that Lebouf turd.


<h2 >Winnebago Man

I bet you’re thinking This article is stupid, there’s no way a story about a guy who sells Winnebagos is relevant to my career of playing on the Twitters and Faceblogging! Well hear me out for a minute. Winnebago Man chronicles in exhaustive detail one of the oldest viral video sensations. See how an obscure Winnebago promotional video, in which salesmen Jack Rebney throws a hilarious tantrum, made its way from videocassette to Youtube and eventually, our hearts. “Are you buying any of this sh**?”


The Social Network

This movie is most notable for making me not want to kill Justin Timberlake. Hey, didn’t David Fincher do the same thing for Brad Pitt? Maybe he can make Shia Lebouf less annoying too. Nah.

What film would you add to the list?

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