My Birthday Cake, and a Blogging Break

Ian Lurie Jul 23 2008

Today’s my 40th. My staff made me a Kit-Kat Parthenon birthday cake, complete with worshippers:
Kit Kat Parthenon
They swore it had nothing to do with my age.
Also, I’m going to Nova Scotia for 10 days. For 5 of ’em I won’t even have cell access. So no blog posts for a bit. I shall return, more sarcastic and bitter than ever.
Oh: All I want for my birthday, by the way, is more subscribers. Get on that will ya?

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  1. Will do. :) Happy birthday! Planning to crash a ceilidh while you’re away, or just do a Canadian version of Walden Pond?

  2. Ian


    Dort’s Cove, about 3 hours from Halifax. No cell coverage, no internet.

  3. Happy Birthday!
    That cake is sick!

  4. Happy Birthday Ian :)
    Just subscribed!
    Have a great trip…

  5. Happy Birthday, Ian! The cake looks delicious :D
    Enjoy your 10 day trip!

  6. Happy 40th Ian! It’s all downhill from here. :)

  7. David


    Happy Birthday Ian just keep on blogging for the next 50 years so that we can read good content for many more years.

  8. Great cake Ian! Happy birthday!
    It’s all downhill from here, but as a cyclist that’s a good thing.

  9. Happy Belated Birthday and I hope you had a nice vacation.

  10. Mom


    Hi Ian,
    I love the cake!! first time I saw it.
    Hope you have recovered from any 40th trauma….

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