Nike vs. Adidas for Soccer Supremacy

Ian Lurie Jun 8 2006

Stadium in Munich
Photo Courtesy of Abdulaziz Almansour

Nike is looking to unseat Adidas as the accepted leader in soccer (football for most of the world) gear.

They’re focusing a lot of their efforts on the internet, with a site called and a campaign featuring Brazilian player Joga Bonito.

Adidas controls most of the World Cup-affiliated advertising on TV, in print and on radio. So Nike is using the web to make their mark with a younger, newer audience.

I don’t know if it’ll work, but the merits are clear: Nike is acting ‘small’, eschewing media channels that Adidas has wrapped up, and is going right around them online.

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  1. Howland


    I like Adidas MUCH better then Nike. In terms of design, their football kits are much more inspiring and superior.

  2. billy


    adidas sucks!!nike is much better!!

  3. brendon


    nike could never touch adidas in my books. i prefer adidas anyday

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