Notice: SEO Copywriting eBook Price Change in 24 Hours

Ian Lurie Mar 3 2009

When I wrote my SEO Copywriting guide I released it under the Creative Commons and sold it for five bucks.
Well, I’ve gone a bit mercenary and am going to try to actually make some decent money on the thing, so fair warning: Tomorrow night the price will go up to $7 (gasp!). More important, I’ll be re-releasing it under a standard do-not-duplicate-or-I’ll-hire-lawyers-to-harass-you-into-your-grave type of license.
If this works, I’ll use a similar system for future books: An early release at a low price and with open distribution, with a slightly higher price and more restrictive license.
If it doesn’t work, I’m going to hoard all my knowledge for myself. Mwahahahahahaha…
Click the banner if you want to buy the book before the price goes up:

SEO Copywriting eBook
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  1. Dana


    Glad I already have it!

  2. diane


    Me too!
    Does this mean I get to e-mail-blast it to all my friends and relations? (I mean, since I bought it earlier for $5.)
    :) :) :)

  3. Ian


    @Diane Sure you can. But my kids, who are adorable little tykes, will one day look at me with wide, tear-filled eyes and say “Why couldn’t we go to Harvard, daddy?” and I’ll have to say “Because DIANE SENT MY EBOOK TO EVERYONE”.

  4. diane


    OK, OK, you just successfully guilted me into keeping it to myself, LOL!

  5. diane


    By the way, Ian, you do that Guilt Thing realllly well. Are you sure you’re not my mother?

  6. Ian


    @Diane 5700 years of cultural training…

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