On Techcrunch: How the IPO Ruined Google

Ian Lurie Apr 8 2012

OK, I don’t think Google is ruined, but it sure seems like they’ve become increasingly weird since their big IPO. I wrote a piece about it, and it just went live on Techcrunch. Read it here.


  1. Great article.

    Might be a little far fetched, but I think the “slow”, incremental growth of Adwords is why Google is messing around with autonomous cars. It would increase their click inventory (more time in front of screen) and possibly create a new venue for Adwords….

    Imagine ads and offers for local businesses showing up on your smartphone or in car “computer” based not only on what you’re searching for, but your actual destination. What if Google wants to make the internet connection itself an ad sponsored medium like radio? With geo-location, destination data and Google+ user information ads could be targeted like never before.

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