One-Trick Ponies: The ebook

Ian Lurie Sep 22 2014

You’ve heard me rant about strategy vs. tactics, and why tactics-only business relationships are getting marketing agencies fired. I’ve realized it’s a much bigger problem than that. If you look at the last 15 years, the drive to ‘productize’ services has ripped the guts out of any business that is paid for an individual’s craft (their knowledge and time). Productization cheapens services businesses and hurts the consumer/client, because they ignore valuable strategic advice.

So, I wrote a short book about it as a ‘corporate fable’ — half storytelling, half teaching. I went far, far beyond the agency world and talked about all services businesses. It’s now on in Kindle format. Folks tell me it’s pretty entertaining.

You can buy it here:

One-Trick Ponies Get Shot: How services companies can avoid the vendor trap, do better work, and prosper | Kindle format, $4.99


  1. Digging into this now – and really enjoying it (the story is a nice touch to stay engaged with the thinking) Ian. Thanks for writing this.

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