You know you’re a loser when you suck at plagiarism

Ian Lurie Jul 3 2010

If you can’t cut-and-paste and do it right, you’re really short on skills.

Here’s someone who stole an entire page from The unFun Parent, a site that’s only 4 days old, and left in the image with my name on it.

unfunparent thief

Clearly he/she is using a scraper. That doesn’t make them any less of a loser, though.

It’s so pathetic that, on a mellow Saturday morning, I almost don’t want to belt whoever did this in the mouth.

Oh, wait, I lied. I still want to kick your teeth in, whoever you are.


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  1. Okay, this can’t be real. If it is, this guy gets my vote for the dumbest person on the planet.

  2. That’s so uncool that it becomes cool again – and then uncool once more.

  3. Ian,
    Incredibly dumb. There is a good chance they don’t even know. Some use programming to grab up posts based on a certain criteria. Worse, are the new programs that shuffle the deck, creating new posts out of old posts.

  4. Ian


    @Rich I’m sure it’s a scraper – you’re right.

  5. This is it – we have reached the bottom!
    At least you got quoted, Ian :-)

  6. Well, as of this posting, it appears that the site involved is down or has changed. If I’m wrong or it happens again though, let me know. I can probably help you get the content removed.
    Sorry to hear that you got spammed!

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