Plagiarism at Lightspeed

Ian Lurie Sep 13 2007

I did my post ranking internet marketing tools about 2 hours ago.

A few minutes ago, I found this:

stolen plagiarism
Wow. Awe-inspiring. Plagiarism at light speed.

I have no problem with people linking, summarizing, using my stuff, etc.. If they ask first.

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  1. Matt


    Wow… that was fast.. only 2 hours. Pretty scummy to just lift your post like that. Didn’t even attribute it to you. Did he hotlink the image too? :-/

  2. ian


    Yah this site has splog written all over it. They’ve got a bot or something, or they’re just grabbing my RSS feed and using that.

  3. Matt


    Well I for one enjoy your posts and read them every day. Its made my job a lot easier and clients more successful.

  4. Chris


    Yep, this is a big internet trend. Basically it’s just a bot that scrapes your posts and republishes them on a wordpress blog either to try and get ad revenue from your keywords and hits or to… well I dunno. It happens to me a lot, and there are numerous blogs that just republish rss from game blogs.

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