News Flash: The Planet’s Houston Datacenter Has Fire

Ian Lurie May 31 2008

fireRead all updates here, on The Planet’s discussion forums.
If you host with the Planet, your site may be down now because of the fire. But they’re right on top of it, and keeping everyone updated.
FYI: If you use Entrecard, they’re down because of this fire.

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  1. Now we know why statcounter stats was down so long. They said servers were down at The Planet, but nothing about a fire. Statcounter also said stats for that time period were lost.

  2. Fortunately, it looks like Entrecard is back up and functioning pretty well now, so it seems that the outage has simply given us a one-day vacation from our dropping routines. For me this was a welcome break because I managed to log in shortly after the site came back online and was able to scoop up some relatively inexpensive advertising deals.

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