Portent’s Seeking SEO Interns

Ian Lurie Oct 29 2008

Portent is now hiring slave labor interns.
If you are:

  • Smart;
  • A capable communicator and a good writer (meaning you can write a sentence that doesn’t make our copywriting team cringe);
  • Want to learn the wild and wacky world of Search Engine Optimization;
  • Looking to do real, honest-to-goodness work that generates real, honest-to-goodness value;

have we got a job for you!
Internships may be paid if we find the right candidate. We’re looking to fill half-to-full time positions. SEO Interns will:

  • Work with the SEO team to recommend SEO improvements to client sites;
  • Write recommendations reports;
  • Assist with keyword research, site testing and crawls using Portent’s Pythia SEO toolset
  • Learn how to play four square.

Internships become jobs around here. If you’re looking for a ‘working interview’ where you can learn, this is a great opportunity.
This is an on-site position only in Seattle, WA. If you e-mail me asking if you can work for us from home, I will sign you up for every e-mail spam list I can find.
To apply:

  1. Send a brief e-mail to ian AT portent DOT com explaining who you are, your work experience (if any) and why you’d like to enter an internship. Resumes are optional.
  2. Don’t call. E-mail.
  3. Don’t fax or mail us anything. E-mail. Please.