Portent’s new hoodies have arrived

Ian Lurie Apr 14 2011

…and I’m damned excited. Our first legit logowear:
Portent Hoodie

I don’t know why I’m so excited, but somehow it makes me feel so… grown up.

Gang pose courtesy of one of Portent’s fine SEO team.

tags : conversation marketing


  1. Those look great! WOO!

  2. Awesome—but where are the Conversation Marketing hoodies with the Ian caricature? Those would be marketable especially the one with the call me on the bottom.

  3. MarkJ


    Where did you get them made? I’ve always found it difficult to get quality apparel made…

  4. SUH-WEET!
    BTW, is that a tent city out the window?

  5. Ian


    No, that’s just Tukwila.

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