PubCon South discount code: Help me pay my plane ticket

Ian Lurie Mar 31 2010

I sit here, day after day, slaving over a hot keyboard…
OK that’s not true. I like blogging, and I love speaking. I’m speaking at PubCon South in a few weeks. It costs me a lot of money to fly down there, stay in a hotel, drink beer, etc..
So, I have a favor to ask: The PubCon folks gave me a 20% off discount code. If you register and use this code – rc-2215720 – you get a discount, and I get a little affiliate fee.
If I can get maybe 10 of you to buy tickets using the code, that covers my plane ticket and part of my hotel. Sweet!
[ Register for PubCon here ]
Remember, use the code rc-2215720


Right now you’re saying, “Screw you, Ian, you have lots of money.”
I can’t complain. But I’m no Shoemoney, either. If I can take my affiliate earnings and put the cash back into my kids’ college accounts, they’ll be really happy. See how cute my kids are?
On the Empire State Building
How can you say no?!
Please, use the code!
[ Register for PubCon here ]
Remember, use the code rc-2215720
And no, I’m not above using cute pictures of my kids for my own gains.

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  1. Ian


    @Kate Oh, sure, but did you buy a ticket? Sniff.

  2. That other Chris

    That other Chris

    Give me a break, Ian, your kids are geniuses and will certainly get full academic scholarships to prestigious universities. I’m guessing you’ve run out of kit kats or something, but then again, who am I to separate a man from his kit kats? Ok, I’m in.

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