Help Rand Fishkin Join the MACerati

Ian Lurie Mar 7 2008

OK Rand, it’s time to join the Mac-erati.

Danny Sullivan bought a Mac.
Now it’s your turn. Here’s why:

  1. The Mac is stylish. It’ll go with your keen fashion sense.
  2. It’s a better computer (doh, I wasn’t going to say that).
  3. You’ll be able to drive Danny crazy by refusing to put stickers on your laptop.

To make things easier, we’re taking up a collection. If everyone in the search community donates $2 we can buy you a nice rig. Here’s what we’ll get you:
Note that we’re including Parallels, so that you can still get your Windows fix.
Everyone, donate today. It’s only $2. Think how fun it’ll be to see Rand try to figure out the Finder, and Spotlight!

If Rand refuses the Mac beauteousness, we’ll donate 100% of the proceeds to Habitat for Humanity. If we get more money than we need, we’ll donate what’s left.

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  1. Or you could donate 100% of the proceeds to me, as in buy me a Mac.

  2. Matt


    You’re a sick sick man.. :-D

  3. Ian


    Talk to your boss :)

  4. MikeTek


    I’m only in if I get Rand’s Dell…

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