RSS and the Debates: RSS Has Arrived

Ian Lurie Sep 30 2004

I just finished a short piece on RSS and it’s value as a marketing tool, and found this article on Wired.

The Bush/Cheney campaign will use RSS to push a live feed to thousands of pro-Bush blogs, during the debate.

From the Bush campaign site:
“Track the debates on your personal Web site or blog with a Live Debate Facts feed from Bush-Cheney ’04. Each time John Kerry says something false or inaccurate during the debates, the live feed will be updated instantly with the facts.”

Absolutely brilliant. If you still had questions as to whether RSS is a powerful internet marketing and PR tool, this should should put them to bed.

I might note that Kerry has no similar tool, apparently, and I’ll bet he’s going to suffer for it.

Of course, the feed the Bush campaign is providing appears proprietary and doesn’t work in any of my RSS newsreaders, so I’d say the campaigns’ execution has a ways to go. But the fact remains that subscription, feed-based content has definitely arrived…

tags : conversation marketing